Senior leaders from 30 NAIS independent schools joined Ken Kay at Curtis School on April 18, 2012, for “Strategic Leadership & Partnership for Independent Schools of the Future.” Participants reflected on their schools’ efforts to design and sustain 21st century learning communities, and considered an invitation to collaborate with national education leaders in the public and private sectors, as Ken Kay presented on “7 Steps to Becoming a 21st Century Independent School,” provided an introduction to EdLeader21, and responded to school leaders’ reflections, questions, and concerns about their 21st century learning initiatives.

A leading voice for 21st century education for more than a decade, Ken Kay was the Founding President of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21), and is the founder and CEO of EdLeader21, the national professional learning community for 21st century education leaders in the public and private sectors. Current EdLeader21 members represent schools and districts in 29 states that are preparing more than 1.7 million students for their futures.

Devoted to fostering meaningful collaboration between schools, their leaders, and their constituents, the Center for the Future of Elementary Education at Curtis School was proud to host and to participate in this exciting exchange–exploring school-wide visions of transformative practice in ‘schools of the future,’ reflecting on meaningful collaboration within and between schools, and considering the opportunity to partner with innovative and inspiring public school leaders in a joint effort to empower a generation of learners.

Please explore this site for further information and resources: presentation slides and worksheets, videos from and related to the event, information about Ken Kay and about EdLeader21, and additional resources. For any further questions, please use the contact form on this page or email us.







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