About Ken Kay

Ken Kay is the Chief Executive Officer of EdLeader21, the national professional learning community for 21st century education leaders.

He has been the leading voice for 21st Century Education for the last decade.  He co-founded the Partnership for 21st Century Skills in 2002 and served as its President for 8 years.

As executive director of the CEO Forum on Education and Technology, he led the development of the StaR Chart (School Technology & Readiness Guide), used by schools across the country to make better use of technology in K-12 classrooms.

Ken spent 28 years in Washington, DC, where he gained a national reputation as a coalition builder on competitiveness issues in education and industry —particularly policies and practices that support innovation and technology leadership. He founded a landmark coalition of US universities and high-tech companies focused on research and development issues.  He also was the founding Executive Director of the premier CEO advocacy group in the US computer industry.

Ken has co-edited the book New Directions for Youth Development: The Case for Twenty-First Century Learning, and has written the foreward to 21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn. Ken co-wrote The Education Leader’s Guide: 7 Steps toward 21st Century Schools and Districts (forthcoming June 2012) with Valerie Greenhill, the Chief Learning Officer of EdLeader21.

Currently, Ken serves on the boards of Edvantia and the Buck Institute for Education.

Ken is a graduate of Oberlin College and the University of Denver College of Law.  He and his wife, Karen, have three adult children, a daughter-in-law and a grandson.  They live in the desert outside Tucson, Arizona with their golden retriever, Bisbee.


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