More than 600 educators and parents/guardians, representing 125 private and public schools, joined nine exceptional education leaders to examine our shared commitments to the learning and the lives of children in an ever-changing world. 




About This Event

On November 10th, 2012, educators and parents/guardians of school-aged children joined with leading voices in education and psychology to explore “Teaching and Learning at Home and at School.” Last year, at CFEE’s inaugural event (“Transforming Elementary Education: An Evening with Sir Ken Robinson“), a wide range of independent, public, and charter school educators raised compelling questions about developing effective parent/teacher and home/school partnerships, in order to advance a shared conversation about learning in the 21st century. This year, educators, parents/guardians, and nine exceptional thought leaders — Carol Dweck, Richard Gerver, Nikhil Goyal, Steven Jones, Ken Kay, Alfie Kohn, Wendy Mogel, Ken Robinson, and Yong Zhao — continued examining our shared investment in the learning and the lives of children in an ever-changing world.

Only for educators & parents/guardians.
Only by reservation.

The generous support of many cosponsoring schools made it possible to offer tickets free of charge for all educators and parents/guardians who registered to attend. In order to ensure the inclusion of educators and parents/guardians from as wide a range of schools as possible, 4 tickets were reserved for more than 85 invited independent, public, and charter elementary schools during a preregistration period. All remaining seats – as well as any unclaimed seats from the preregistration period – were made available to any interested educators or parents/guardians during our open registration period. Available seats were listed on this site until Wednesday, October 31st. Northern California residents were encouraged to attend an exclusive live streaming event at Sonoma Country Day School on the same date.

The Center for the Future of Elementary Education at Curtis School (CFEE) was excited to organize and host this collaborative venture, grateful for the participation of so many enthusiastic leaders of emerging thought in education, psychology, and community-building, and thrilled to participate in this exciting conversation with so many other enthusiastic educators and parents/guardians. Together, we can continue to explore some of the vexing challenges, recognize some of the wondrous opportunities, and develop ever more effective strategies to support our school-age children in our twenty-first century learning communities.

About CFEE

The Center for the Future of Elementary Education at Curtis School (CFEE) is devoted to exploring implications of the research, theory, and practice of ’21st century learning’ for the transformation of elementary education. Among the most provocative and engaging contributions to the discourse on 21st century learning are those targeted to policy and practice in middle school, secondary school, and higher education. CFEE explores best practices for the education of younger students, in whom the most basic proficiencies in “the three Rs” must be developed even as we devote our collective attention to “the four Cs” (collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking).

CFEE also recognizes the importance of fostering “the two Is” during these vital years of development and socialization, by cultivating both the independence of each young child and the inclusivity of our school communities. CFEE hopes to bring educators and parents/guardians, from both private and public schools, together to explore these questions, and to honor these imperatives, together.



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