“The ‘learners’ are the people who take on challenges… who thrive in the face of difficulty… Why would anyone become a non-learner?” Carol Dweck explains why educators and parents should want “achievement to come as a by-product of vigorous, meaningful, and effective learning.”

Further information and related resources (including slides from this presentation) are provided below the embedded video. 



Stanford Professor Carol Dweck’s pioneering research — popularized in her classic book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, and more recently represented in Bronson and Merryman’s NurtureShock — has led to our understanding of the ‘growth mindset’ in teaching and parenting, and fundamentally changed our approaches to both. I shared a story yesterday morning with faculty about how, having grown up in Los Angeles, I might see a movie star in the market and shrug. But then I join a call with today’s presenters, and hear Dr. Dweck’s voice, and think things like “I’ll never wash this phone again.” -CT




  • Back in the 90’s, in a study on pedagogy, I read that the Japanese focus praise on doing over being. It is a relief to see this awareness finally hitting the educational radar screen here. This is very much needed in a culture that has followed the Calvinist model of divine grace.