During the afternoon session of “Teaching and Learning at Home and at School,” panelists Carol Dweck, Richard Gerver, Nikhil Goyal, Steven Jones, Wendy Mogel, and Yong Zhao introduced, joined, and responded to small group discussion of “The Covenant to Help Inspire Learning and Development (C.H.I.L.D.)” among educators and parents representing 125 schools and districts. The following videos document this session in two parts.

Further information and related resources (including copies of original facilitation slides) are provided below the embedded videos. 

1. More Power Than We Think:
An Invitation to Collaboration, Reflection, & Action

Drawing inspiration from Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation, Richard Gerver reminds educators and parents that we have more control than we think — urging us to empower ourselves and, thus, to empower our students and children. Sharing highlights of his experience of transformative leadership at Grange Primary School, Gerver frames the following small-group reflections on the “Covenant to Help Inspire Learning and Development (C.H.I.L.D.)” as “a celebration of your power, your professionalism, and your passion” to transform our educational system.  



2. What the Revolution Can Look Like:
Panelists Respond to Group Discussions

“I heard people saying ‘Thank God for this day,'” says Carol Dweck at the start of the panelists’ reflections on small group conversations with educators and parents. Dweck, Gerver, Goyal, Jones, Mogel, and Zhao respond to challenges in our collective efforts to transform our schools, provide strategies for seeding further reflection and action in our learning communities, and share their thoughts on how to “reconfigure ‘success'” in our educational system.