Richard Gerver celebrates the importance of collaboration between parents and teachers, both public and private; acknowledges his own challenges as a young learner; shares about the teachers who made a difference in his life; and reminds us what happens when we identify and nurture each child’s potential

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Richard Gerver, formerly Headteacher of the internationally respected Grange Primary School, is the author of Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today, an international speaker, and an adviser to the British Government on defining school change for the 21st century. In 2005 he won the prestigious “School Head Teacher of the Year Award” at the British National Teaching Awards for his work in leading Grange School from the brink of closure to becoming one of the most innovative in the world. We owe it to Ken Robinson that we made a connection with Richard, who for several months has tirelessly supported the design of this event and will both lead off the morning and facilitate our afternoon session. -CT